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yasssss u go girl. don't let anybody tell u ur something that ur not. keep telling ur self ur amazing even if ur doubtful sometimes. It's OK to hurt just as long as u can come back from that.if u ever need a non judging stranger with an open heart and lots of time (a.k.a no life lol) u can talk to me
@YasmineYoona Baby don't cry tonight! Don't let anybody ever put a label on you because you are a human being. Not an item. You are beautiful!
The fact that you know those words don't define you is the biggest step. We are all God's creatures and each is beautiful in its own way. Those that try to steal your beauty from you through harsh or unkind words are probably those that need kind words the most. Instead of hating them...sympathize them...for they are truly the saddest/most hurt if truth be told. Or they wouldn't feel the need to inflict pain on someone else. Hate destroy you...little by little...eating you away from the inside out.
@justmeplz1998 thanks so much. it was very hard to make this video. I kept stopping to cry. lol, but, I feel so much better now