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Suho is at the of my overall bias list, and I love to boast about his perfection. His face is pretty much symmetrical and (I think) his pale skin makes him glow.
This guy (from 'Innocent Man' and 'House of Bluebird') looks very similar to Suho. He was my favorite in 'Innocent Man' and by re-watching it just for him made me realize something....HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE SUHO! I can't pinpoint it exactly but he does resemble Suho in some way, which is also maybe why I like him so much! Does anybody else think this? Can anybody tell me what part is so similar about them?
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i **feel* a resemblance at first glance, but then i look at the details and they're quite different.. I'm thinking maybe the frame of the faces or their lips..