omahgawd im crying. Im so addicted to saying dibidibidis my name is minho soooo much. My mom is officially rethinking as to why she chose to have me lmao. Every morning i wake up and greet her like. Me: Umma~~~~~ //full agyeo // mom: my daughter~~//clearly already annoyed// Me: guess what? mom: dont even st- me: dibidibidis Flaming Charisma Minho ... //sticks out fist// My name is Minho! ///falls on floor laughing// Mom: //clearly laughing but hiding it// I sometime wonder if you really are my child.... sighh .. go away you weirdo Me: lubbb meee~~ Mom: //walks away// Me: Mammmm come backk i wantcha back back back back back~~ //infinite dancing on fleek// Sometimes i think she just cant handle my awesomeness. its to hard to live with my overly godly like fangirlnisum. haha~~~~~~~~
....this sums up my relationship with my mom.
@veselovskayavic. omahgosh yasss
@Sashalove and stay up at note watch kdrama. maybe not even letting ur husband sleep weather he ends up being a regular person or kpop guy himself haha
@veselovskayavic hahaha Ommo I'd say the same if my child was like me haha
Haha of my child was like that I'd be like haha u ARE my child no doubt bout it. guess u got some from ur father too :) (husband= kpop guy)