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I was tagged by @poojas to do this so i will try ... You will probably ask why is there video of girl singing in french.... that is french singer ZAZ and her song ON IRA ..and i should probably start from the begining ...even before i entered high school i heard song in french (not this one this one is much more recent but i couldnt remember which one it was) and i fell in love with it the song and language and in that exact moment without knowing anythin about the langauge i wanted to learn it and without knowing what is the song about i fell in love with the music and found more.. It didnt take long for me to want to discover more amazing music ..and it just happened to be japanese pop music ..i cant tell u the exact year but it was sometimes during high school so itbis already few years back :D (now i feel old :D ) and well similar thing happened...i heard the langauge and fell in love again ...and it helped that it was so different from anything i heard ...and the videos and clothes all were just amazing ... i think the first songs were from anime (anime and manga were one of the way to get to japanese music :) )
i remember Kanon wakeshima was one of my favs and still is ...i loved her dress, and i find it amazing that someone can learn playing instrument ..i have patience to draw for hours but learning to play is different :D and i envied her that cute face :D
and i found more and more music and some of the bands hold high places in my list :) and one day it just happened that i wanted to find new songs and albums and was just browsing internet and youtube and i found this one song ... and let me tell u mouth was hanging wide open and i was hooked was ...crazy new amazing sooo different ...and till that time i wasnt into this kind of music but that song and that band .. that happened like 4 years ago maybe and that band was BIGBANG and the song i think FANTASTIC BABY :)
i know that to someone these videos dont make sense but to me they do ..i love how fullnof different stuff they r and their concepts and those clothes and all the creativity and bright colors and dancing .... and i swear that till this band i didnt listen to somgs or music like that ... sometimes one song here and there but never more ...but these guys ... And one thing let to another and now i have many korean bands on my is like addiction and with the style and fashion and music ...i know some people say that there is just too many of kpop groups and not many are really talented ...but i think you can find talented and untalented groups anywhere but if you really look you can find some really awsome ones like BigBang :) and i have to admit that with my fashion sense i envy some of these guys their clothes i know that it sounds weird since im girl but all the girls have heels and short skirts and well not my style i like the bpyishness and action and a bit of toughness ... noone should ask me about my favorite bands cause the list would consist of too many from almost all around the world and i dont even know if the list would have an end :D well i guess that is for how i met with kpop :) more like how i met with any music i like :D
my family was always like how can you listen to japanese music and now they r like how can you listen to this you dont understand it? frankly i like the sound of it the music and language and hpw different it is from music here in europe or from us music and for some reason it just clicks in somewhere around my heart and i dont like to limit myself just because i dont understand something or because it is different ...that is actually another reason why i like it :)
finishing with one of my favs of the big bang latest songs BAE BAE ...pervy but i love it all the reference and stuff :D ... and just now i noticed that there is the 19 sign :D so its rated probably :D happy iam over 19 :D cause there is the one scene..well more than one but this one is just too much :D
last thing to say... when i saw this particular scene ... omg i thought im hallucinating :D .. Anyways that is all for all the how i met with this or that :) p.s.: excuse some possible mistakes and spelling stuff :)
yeah finally someone who understands :)
@CathC Well, you have a whole Vingle K-pop family right here :) You can talk about K-pop with us any time and all the time ^^
thanks :) for me its not just family but i guess my friends home too ...yeah that is great :)
Great card @CathC!!! Love the story. And my family doesn't really understand my taste in music either. But I'm glad we have all these K-pop friends who understand and freak out with us!