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I spend hours trying to explain the difference of all them to my best friend, but exo comes up and she goes " oh look supee junior" and Im like about to slap her haha, got that one friend?
story of my life when telling my friends
Can I say I have a group of friends like that. And trust I want to disown them every single time.
every person to whom I show kpop videos says that they look like girls lmao
Omg same @BimboMiniCake I can usually tell who's who just by their voices lol like for their songs I like to listen to them and identify who's singing lol it's fun
my closest friends are all American and they look at me all weird when I get all excited and name them all and they are like how can u tell? they are practically twins @luotl88 trust me, I understand u! @celesteyc I cry too, I try to show them pictures for them to tell the difference and still , they dont
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