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I just realized this man has kissed all the members of bigbang at least once xD *beware the kissing might get intense :'-)*
He kissed GD, which he seemed to be freaking out about when he saw it happen (next gif)
He kissed Seungri with enough passion as he could muster xD. T.O.P said that Seungri was even sad because they put a heart over their kiss (my side hurts xD)
He kissed Daesung, but he mostly just crashed into him xDDD
And even though it was a little thing he got Taeyang too, just to complete the mission xD
Now lets give T.O.P his moment to have his victory dance xD Hope you enjoyed it, as much as he did~β™‘ *i do not own these beautiful gifs*
the bromance is beautiful
Truly *wipes away a tear* β™‘
This makes me want to pretend to be Taeyang so he could fully compleat the mission 😝😘
I wish I was one of them (;
Ahahahah this is so awesome
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