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Will You Be Alright? I'm not so sure! I'm missing BEAST oppas too much :( The digital solo that Junhyung wrote! It emphasizes their unique vocals and makes me cry everytime!
Hard to Love, How to Love Containing the song Shadow!!
What is your favorite BEAST songs?? I personally love their ballads the best, "On Rainy Days" and "Will You Be Alright" are favorites. BEAST & BEAUTY FOREVER ∀ΔΣ & ∀Σ 영원히 None of the above belong to me. Credits to respective owners.
I miss them too! I can't wait for their comeback. On Rainy Days, Fiction, Beautiful Night, Shadow are my faves, but 12:30 is definitely #1. ^v^
@alwaysdream me too!! I'm so excited for their next comeback!!!
It's amazing how on rainy days still comes up on the charts when it rains in korea