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If you saw this out of your driver's window
What would you do if you saw this out of your driver's window? I would be an accident risk since I would be *really* distracted XD
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I would be like omfg it's freakin TOP and by the time I thought of something to say, he woulda been gone and their would be cars behind me honking and ppl cursing me out cause I hadn't left at the green light but i wouldn't care cause omfg TOP
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@KatieWarren Smart....I would just spazz and run a red light or something lol
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I think I'd try to be witty and tell him about the nearby art gallery or furniture store xD then ask if he'd like me to direct him there
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is "I'm sorry, Officer, but I'm a victim of a drive by fan girl shooting!" a valid excuse to get out of a ticket? I hope so for my sake! LOL! 馃槀馃榿馃榾
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I would be waving and smiling like a crazy person saying loudly It's TOP over and over
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