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Fiction MV His girlfriend becomes dust and he's left with all of these memories of her :( A song about the story that they had together and that he's going to rewrite it so that it's a happy story. Poor Junhyung
Beautiful MV His girlfriend dumps him for no reason for another guy (well there is a reason but that's in the 'I Like You the Best' MV) This song is about a guy telling the woman he loves that she's beautiful and that there is no one else in the world for him but her. It's a very cute song! >~<
No More MV The song is from the perspective of someone who was in a relationship but has moved on. They are asking the other person why they are clinging onto memories that have passed. The person is pushing the other person away because they believe that there are other people who can treat them better. The flower scene gets me right in the feels
What music videos have you seen where the 'bad boy' member of your group becomes the heartbroken guy?? B2ST & B2UTY forever āˆ€Ī”Ī£ & āˆ€Ī£ ģ˜ģ›ķžˆ Creds to respective owners All the imgflip gifs are mine