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Nobody wants to fall with no intentions of being caught.

I'll be the first to say that my fall back game isn't as strong as it could be. Reason being -- when I fall, I fall hard. It's absolutely no secret that if you can make me smile and melt my heart at the same time, somewhere down the road I'll be bound to fall. Falling can be both a gift and a curse, especially when it comes to trying to pick yourself back up. I've fallen pretty hard in some cases and this time does't seem too different, though I was hoping it would be. Perfect gentleman with so much potential, we meet, things go well and then the communication goes downhill. Where was the sign warning me that heartbreak was ahead? It always seems so good, until it ends up being too good to be true. If you've fallen and have no clue as to where things will go -- here are a few tips to help you know when it's officially time to fall back.

If the communication has died down.

One word texts are the worst. Especially when you were just holding full blown convos between one another days before.

When the good morning texts turn into 'hey'.

If one word texts were bad, the idea of no longer waking up to those cute good morning texts is even worse.

Every answer comes with an excuse.

If asking him to hang out is always followed by an excuse of why he can't -- you might as well stop trying.

Replying to your texts literally takes hours.

For someone who initially replied to messages like the speed of lightning, the fact that it takes an excessive amount of time now is not the best sign or the best feeling.

These aren't tell tale signs that there's not a bright future for you and yours, but they should definitely put up a bright red flag. Be sure to relax and don't think too deep. What's meant to be, will be.

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So true!!! @allischaaff I'm slowly, but surely learning to play the game because if ones going to play, why shouldn't two play. Like the movie "Two Can Play That Game", but I'm more interested in honesty and straightforwardness at the end of the day. Why wait until weeks down the road when my feelings are involved to start acting funny, save me the stress and let me know from jump street -- ya know?
Well @jordanhamilton (and everyone else!!) if you know it's time to fall back, check out the card i wrote on how! ;D
Ahhhh! def the perfect card & perfect timing. Thanks @allischaaff :)
@jordanhamilton, has get gotten better since July posting this! lol, I've had to fallback a lot, and with good intentions, one guy was MARRIED, the other, Too many kids with crazy baby mamas.
Oh wow!!! Same I'm slowly still learning the art of falling back @mscococasupreme