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Every time I watch some sort of video with Big Bang that isn't an MV or isn't some sort of music related thing, there are always moments like this where he gets this face, and just looks sad and upset. I feel like when other people are talking, he doesn't really get as much chance to speak, and the other members always talk about his flaws a lot. I also feel like YG treats him the worst out of all five of them. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I alone in this observation?
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I always love it when he talks ^,^ and they pick on him because he's the youngest
yeah even in that seungri said that yg didn't want seungri to have so much spotlight, but he only had like 10 seconds of spotlight on stage 馃槩 poor seungri
maddiemoozer, and they didn't even show Seungri's dish at the end of that episode. :(
@TMinusEleven exactly!!!! ugh seungri needs a hug lol
yes! it gets very tiring to see everyone pick on him EVERY time he talks. :/ Poor oppa