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Soon after Rapmon introduces the camera, he intensely talks as if a news announcer. He goes around and the boys each give a love confession which sends any fangirl straight to heaven.
He begins with Jin, the awkward, but cute member of the heartthrob group. Jin says casually, "Pretty eyes, pretty nose. How are you so extremely pretty?" If Jin is your bias, this should constantly be running through your mind :D
He then moves on with his 'bomb' microphone to Suga. He softly says in his deep voice, "Now my heart is all yours. It doesnt know anything else." Which proves that under his toughness in music videos, he sure knows how to win a girl over.
Rapmon laughs and moves on to Jimin, dramatically sitting on a windowsill. He says as caressing the camera, "How old are you? Are you a noona? You're not? Then, that makes me your oppa." Then he sat back and flashed a smile no girl can resist XD especially with that suit :P
On the opposite side of the window, V says, "Quit playing hard to get, before I kick you." Unlike the other members' confessions, I still consider him to be the cutest..maybe that's just because he is my bias (:
Don't mind the picture, I know Junggook looks just a bit high XD But here is the member most girls were waiting for, and as Junggook leans up against the wall and says "Girl, do you wanna go out with me?" I could imagine all of the Junggook fans screaming, "YES!!!!!!!11!!!!1!1!!!"
J-Hope walks up behind them and Rapmon introduces the one he has been waiting for. As expected , J-Hope went for the cute and funny route by saying, "Right now if your heart all comfy comfy?" And Rapmon was astounded
Just before the video ends, Rapmon quickly tilts his head down and says, "I love you."
I know all these confessions were crazily romantic, cute, or even violent, but remember....dont forget to keep it moist (;