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I didn't get nominated by anyone just felt like making a kpop introduction story.

i'm sorry for the long card.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay so rewind a few years. Imagine a 13 year old girl, blonde hair, blue eyes dressed in black with screamo blaring through her headphones. She eventually worked a summer job enough to get a computer(I still have this computer that made history). this computer opened her life to new things: tumblr, fandoms, it helped her develop art skills (thanks youtube), internet friends (whom i still talk to), and manly anime and asian culture.

And this is when the hell hole began to form.

Her music horizons left the American border and expanded around the world, especially to j-pop and vocaloid songs. I don't remember how I exactly came across it but there are two ways that seem probable: it showed up in her recommended videos on youtube or it came up in her search "music similar to j-pop".

The "it" she found was ....DRUMROLL PLEASE.... "The Chaser" by Infinite.

I have infinite to thank for appearing in my life when everything was metaphorically crashing down around me. Thougg they arent my ultimate biased group they will forever have a special place in my heart and memories. I can not explain how proud of them I am. Please give them love with their newest comeback "Bad". Along side Infinite (and i mean like in the same day) i was also introduced to "Miss Right" by TeenTop. One of their dance practice videos for this song is what got me to stay in Kpop. It made my 13 year old self laugh genuinely for the first time in a long time.
This glorious group of boys have made me laugh the most. From the above dance practice and their weekly idol random dances (so violent xD) to their teen top shake! (and whats odd about the teen top shake is that i had no idea who the guys in red suits were until like 2 years later when i found vixx and it looped back to ine of the bands that led me down the kpop hell hole).

I really am sorry this is long

and the last of my three first songs(in one day may i remind you) is SHINee's "Dream Girl". Must i say i am so proud at how much theyve improved...taemin got a freaking solo for crying out loud....taemin will be no more than just a dancer my butt. he looks like a girl my butt
Okay so I listened to these songs for a year or two, even had a long period of time I didnt listen to them, before I fully got sucked in.


Literally before this past year and a half i didnt know names of any of the member. I knew more of the miss right dance than i knew the members of teentop. Until one day i reminisced on the songs and got curious. and i found vixx. i did watch all of my idol and watched the videos in order and all posible diaries and vixx tvs i could. i feel like i knew them from debut. they are the first group i actually invested in(time and money).
VIXX is currently my ultimate biased group and leo holds the place of my ultimate bias. I don't think they will ever let me down. (p.s sorry about the wontaek. ahha....) i have a lot to thank vixx for, including becoming healthier mentally and physically. i have recovered from various things (feel free to ask) and found hope and joy. because of vixx i found more groups and more friends. i have been friends with a girl i met through youtube on the error mv for 8 minths now and we have changed each others lives. shout out to such friend: (her vingle is @inumi please take time to know her she is the best person to talk to)
the beautiful proof :) anyway i am a proud listener of 20+ groups even older ones and ones ranging from krock to kpop to kballads to hiphop and to end my favorite songs right now are infinite's bad and bigbang's sober. :)
yesssss glad you found this wonderful kpop black hole <3
@VinMcCarthy oh no problem message me i can give you more :)
well now I know some titles to start with when looking into Kpop! great post, yo.
woah thats konda cool :o
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