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Light foot steps reach my ear. I quickly turn around, and through the bars, I see him walking down the hall way. Strands of his pink hair, that looks ridiculously good on him, shine as they bounce softly every step he takes. For a moment, I get enchanted by it and unconsciously thinks of how beautiful he looks. Then the thought disgusts me into letting out a bitter laughter. He stands still for a moment and cocks his head as if questioning what he just heard. I take a step back, and he calmly watches me. His two brown eyes stare straight at my face, and his feet slowly move again. Almost as if strolling through a garden, he takes his time. The jingle of his keys in his hand gets louder. I take another step back as he unlocks the door. I quickly turn my back on him and the chain on my left ankle sharply clatters.
Hahahaha so embarrassing..This is only 1/3rd of what i wrote though. Should I upload the rest? i orignally wrote it in korean few years ago so i translated it to english yesterday. Unfoetunately, the story isnt as appealing in english :/ oh well.
I think it sounds good! wonder what going to happen next... :)
its gooooddd!
It is good
it is great, yes let us read the rest
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