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Sometimes turning up just sounds like a chore. Have a kitty cat? Like spending weekends alone? Go to bed early and feel better for it? You may be an old soul trapped in a 20 something's body, and we're here for support.

You like to wake up early in the morning in order to have a balanced breakfast and get some me time in before work.

You wake up early on the weekends too, but by your standards 10A.M. is totally sleeping in.

You also find it funny that your friends sleep really late. Like, what's the point of only having half of your day?

Your friends call you out on your elderly habits too. Like when you draw the blinds during the day to keep your room cooler.

Or feeding your pet at the exact same time every day. Hey, it keeps them happy!

You don't find it difficult to go to bed at 9 every night.

But it is difficult for you to stay out super late.

And sometimes you don't understand your friends' lingo.

And they rag on you when you say you'd rather hang out alone with a good book.

But they love you for your old soul.

And your wisdom is enviable.

So go on with your bad (old) self. Forever young is overrated.

I've tried to turn my hair gray on purpose before, didn't work out lol @danidee @alischaaff
@danidee Don't pick them out!! Go natural ;D
This is pretty much me except I think I'm making the transfer from being an 'old soul' to just being old. You have NO IDEA how many grey hairs I had to pick out this weekend.
Yes! Granny Hair! @allischaaff I had a gray streak once. Hard to maintain lol
Haha @TessStevens you wanted your hair to match your old soul? :) Lol. I have a few grays, I'm just letting them grow in naturally for now. I might color when I'm a little older if they get out of hand, but I think it would be really cool to have a gray streak like Rogue from Xmen! Haha
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