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So I thought I'd share this pretty and easy design that anyone can do. I just pick a base color (in this case I chose gold). Then pick 2 colors to add the flowers, I used white and pink. I think the gold, pink, and white has a classic look to it. So you add your base coat and give it a little time to dry. Then all you need is a small dotting tool to add the dots for the flowers (if you don't have one you can just use the tip of a Bobby pin or pencil, anything you can make a tiny dot with). I took the white for the center of my flowers, and just put a dab of it on a piece of cardboard. Take whatever tool your using and dip the tip in the nail polish and just dot it wherever you want a flower, that will be the center. Then take your second color and do the same, except you are going to make 5 small dots for petals around the center color. Give it a little time to dry and then use your top coat. I chose a shimmery pink top coat to finish it off. Super easy and cute for summer. I did this design on my toes, hope others enjoy doing this :)
The metallic color combo looks really pretty. Is it possible to show a clearly pic of the design?
Yes Im going to get some better pictures to post in a bit, these pictures don't do it justice :)