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Do Bengal Cats Dream of the Jungle?

My F4 Bengal Zephyr twitches while he dreams during an afternoon nap as cool Southern California ocean breezes gently blow through the windows. His fangs are so large they are always poking through his lips... he looks like a kitty vampire.
He'll also cover his eyes with his legs - he's pretty cute like that...
Scale is difficult to determine but know that this is a dog bed he's sleeping in. As he approaches 18 months old he's pushing 20lbs... and he's a lean, muscular weight - he's not a fat cat. i don't know how much larger he'll get; Bengals typically aren't fully mature until they are two years old.
He's a beautiful cat and he's an absolute baby-doll... he's a total love-kitty.
Awww <3
wahhhh such a cute cat!!!
so much cute! my cat also twitches when he naps and i hold him closer when he does it. xo
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