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The best way to get your hair in healthy condition is hydration. Hydrated hair leaves your strand with shine, elasticity, less frizz and more manageable.
How do you get hydrated hair?
Not through products. Products can temporarily give you your hair a quick fix, but it is not the solution to long-term healthy hair.
Having a healthy balanced diet will make your hair glow. The easiest tip to boost hair quality and growth is water! Water keeps skin and hair supple. Since it is summer, it is really important to make up for what you lose while sweating. Drink more water!
How to make drinking water less daunting:
Buy a gallon of water and mark time-lines with sharpie. This will give you a goal to reach and before you know it you'll be drinking a gallon per day.
I'll be proud if I can drink at least 2 bottles of water per day. I always forget because I can't tell if I'm thirsty or not. Does anyone have the same problem?
I'm the same way. And when I know I should drink more water, I seem to want it least. That being said, my desire for longer hair is pretty good encouragement to convince myself I'm thirsty! Might also try setting a timer at one hour intervals.