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We all know about the 5:3:2 exercise, and if not then you are about to. This exercise is trained to sculpt the legs into the perfect ratio, hence why its called 5:3:2. Doing this exercise is the perfect way to warm up the body for your work out. It's fun and will get your heart pumping fast it's also a great form of cardio/dance.
There are 2 ways that i generally go about this work out. 1. Play a slower song that has a good beat and then take a song to stretch, then play a fast song and do it again. (For a harder workout both songs should be fast)
I generally use B1A4's "OK" because that has such a lively beat and makes for a great workout
2. Start off with a Fast song like "OK" and then go into your workout after.
Whatever way you choose it will get you're heart pounding. It is crucial you pick a fast song to get best results. This is a fun way to get your body moving! Remember, you get out what you put in! :)
I used this workout for a while but it must also be known that what you eat is more important than how you workout. maintaining a healthy balance of working out and a healthy diet is good!!! but moving around and sweating is also very good for you!!! thanks for giving me songs to do with this exercise!!!
I definitely agree with you! I also have a card about eating as well! So I most definitely agree with you on the health eating thing! :)