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K-Pop Idols receive so much love from everyone, but some cross the line between love and obsession and suffocate their beloved idols.Sasengs are “fans” who have become overly obsessive about their idols and are willing to go to any length to get a closer view of them.
EXO (Attempted Kidnapping)
Sasaengs rented out a van identical to EXO's van and parked it in front as they came out from a schedule. They almost entered the van but their manager noticed something was off and stopped them.
A sasaeng sent him a used menstrual pad and a letter written in blood saying "You can't live without me". She later apologized saying, "I am very obsessive but I'm not a saseng, I'm sorry"
G Dragon
So tired of sasaengs camping his house, he tweeted "Nowadays kids follow me to my house...right to the gates..I understand but this has to stop...my mother and sister gets scared..don't hide in front"
Jae Joong
A sasaeng snuck up on Jae Joon in a jjimjil bang and took a picture of him and kissed him. He had fallen victim to a similar action even while inside his dorm.
sasaeng slapped Yoochun across the face and later stated "I slapped him (Yoochun) so he would remember me, so that I would stand out."
EXO (Sasaengs shave their heads)
This incident took place while EXO was in China. Sasaeng girls shaved their heads and pretended they were guys. They followed EXO in pretending to be guys and took pictures.
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but really....wow.....i was shocked to read this
From a kpoper to another don't be one......please....
We always joke about kidnapping them and locking them up all for ourselves.. but I didn't think this was a thing that people tried to do O-O that's just sick... I feel so bad for Taecyeon tho jesus that's some horror movie shit...
Okay this made me want to lock my doors. Saesangs: all a few french fries short of a Happy Meal.
OMG. This gave me goosebumps reading this..... These Saesangs are HORRIBLE people. Idols aren't just famous singers, actors, or whoever they might be. THEY ARE HUMAN. And I'm pretty sure that these Saesangs wouldn't want people to be butting into their lives. They are literally OBBESSED, CRAZY, AND CREEPY STALKERS. GIVE THESE IDOLS SPACE. They have their own life to live outside of being just an 'idol'. Ugh. It disgusts me.... ( ̄□ ̄」) Sorry if this offended anyone. But it's my personal opinion that I feel VERY strongly about. (¬_¬;)
Poor guys. I love them and sure I wish they would notice me if ever come across them but I would never change my life (stop studying to camp outside their house, shave my head, slapped them, waste my money to rent a replica of their van, send them my bloody feminine pad, or follow them to places) just to be noticed. Just as I respect their privacy because they are human, I also respect my life and understand that I also have a life outside of KPOP. there is a point were we have to accept reality, respect them and respect oneself.
forget about crossing the line, they freakin fly over it. heck there is no line for them
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