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It's mainly my mom. My dad don't care what I do with my life unless I'm safe. Eomma-nim always wonders why I bother listening to K-Pop, yet she fangirls over Jung Yonghwa (-_-(-_-(-_-)-_-)-_-) Getting the asian mafia on her.
SAME!! My mom practically yells at my sisters and I ALL THE TIME because she says we are too obbessed with these quote "Korean guys". Oh Well. xD
@StephanieDuong Yup! We should have warned them before but either way they wouldn't understand -_-
My parents also and all of my friends. I feel like I don't belong anywhere because I like dramas and kpop
@JessicaChaney Yes!!! Omg yes!!! I feel you~
I can't even get my own twin to understand and were supposed to be close. She only likes BigBang lol.