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"You don't have time to be timid! You must be bold, daring!"

"You care for the girl, right? Well then, you must tell her!"

I love, love, LOVE this advice from Beauty and the Beast. Here's the secret: if you like someone, you've got to let them know! I know there's all sorts of rules about being coy and playing hard to get, but I firmly believe that once you're sure about it, you need to be honest about it so that neither of you are living up to false expectations of a relationship that will (or won't!!) happen.
Honesty, when it comes to the feelings in your heart, is really important, okay? Let's try to remember that!!
@allischaaff I don't think it should be RIGHT away, but I don't think you should wait forever! If there is a chance that the other person is questioning whether you do or don't like them, and you're sure you do, it's time to tell them! I'm tired of the silly games of "waiting until such an dsuch happens." You can work up to it slowly, but you've got to do it before it's too late.
Great advice!! This is an awesome clip hahaha. I always loved that moment where the Beast is all dolled up in curls and bows lol. Lumière is right – you need to be brave and confess your feelings! Or at least, not be afraid to demonstrate that they exist. Although @onesmile do you think you should always tell someone right away when you like them, or work up to it slowly?