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I really hope one-day. I will get to meet BIGBANG. I mean I would love to thank them especially G-Dragon. With out them I'd most likely be in a hospital, mental hospital, it be dead. I mean they helped me get the courage to talk to people and I was able to meet people who are actually really nice people. And the people I met have helped me. But when no body is there for me BIGBANG was there.  Yes G-Dragon is why I found out about BIGBANG but most of BIGBANG's songs have inspired me. But G-Dragon is why I haven't given up yet. The fact he's such a strong leader inspires me. I hope one day I can be as strong as him. And I want to thank him for inspiring me. I want to thank G-Dragon for leading BIGBANG. I want to thank G-Dragon and BIGBANG for writing the songs and singing them. G-Dragon will always be my number One bias. And BIGBANG will always be my number One bias group. I really hope one day I will get to see BIGBANG and meet them so I can thank them.