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Q: Ever since I introduced him to my mom, my bf has be MIA with me. I invited him to the beach and he says he can't because he's too drunk...when he told me in the beginning that he hates drinking and never get drunk. Like we fight and everything but end up solving the problems. He hasn't came to my house because he don't have a car and he keep saying he will soon. I love this guy so much but there just certain things that I can't deal with anymore and I have told him so many times. He told me that the reason why he don't want to drive his because he got into a car accident a few months ago and don't want to drive on the freeway. And we only live 1hr and 30 mins away from each other. But I always gotta make the drive to see him.
So what should I do leave him or stay with him? I need help & advice. A: Leave your advice in the comments for this anon seeking our help!!
When it comes to relationships, you're the one who knows best. But one thing that has helped me overcome difficult decisions is laying out the pros and the cons. If the guy is constantly lying or not showing interest I think it's time to move on.
First of all, I send so much love and support!! It can be so hard when a relationship is on the rocks, especially when it's someone you truly care about :( It does depend what the things are that you can't deal with, but if there are things making you miserable... I mean, why else are you in a relationship, if not to be happy / find the person you want to spend your life with? I feel like being MIA after introducing someone to your family can sometimes mean that they're feeling a bit scared of commitment, and maybe are not ready for such a serious relationship. and if you are looking for something serious, which it sounds like you are, then don't waste your time on this guy! Both parties need to be making sacrifices to make things work. If it's too one sided, he's not making the effort and he's not worth it. But as @alywoah so wisely said, we don't know your relationship like you do. Be kind and understanding and talk it out, but always put yourself first!!!
yeah don't be like my mom who ignored all the signs had kids with him and is now stuck.
When I face something like that in a relationship I just give it up without warning. It usually works out for me and surprisingly doesn't affect the guy.I mean, why should I care of he doesn't
No one needs a liar in their lives. @AmberMaze so many people have allowed this to happen to them, this shouldn't happen to one more person. @HairConfetti good idea... that is how I dealt with all my past relationships
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