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OH. MY. GOOD. GRAVY. Why did JYP Entertainment and WOOLIM release a M/V ON THE SAME FLIPPIN' DAY. WAEEEE?! Before my sisters and I watched both GOT7 and INFINITE's M/V, I kept on telling myself:
But...that didn't end up very well. And my reactions ended up like this:
Anyways, lets get to my review! :)


Oh my days. THIS SONG. Is SOOO good. And the M/V is adorable! I love their outfits, the vibe, their faces, and EVERYTHING was perfection. And well... my sisters and I ended up reacting to this song like Baro and Sandeul..
And......This just makes me add to the other thousands of reasons of why I'm sad that GOT7 is coming to KCON LA but not KCON NY. (>_<)


So, personally, Infinite has been my NUMBER ONE most anticipated comebacks this summer and can I just say... THIS SONG IS THE DEFINITION OF A PERFECT COMEBACK. SER-E-US-LY. But I don't know what life is anymore after listening to this... there wasn't that typical 'Infinite vibe' I usually get when I listen to their songs, but HEY. I'M NOT COMPLAINING. I loved EVERY SECOND of it. The song, the M/V, their outfits, were all just FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC. And my sisters reactions were kinda different from mine... THEM:
Yeah..... so. Those were my thoughts about these two GOLDEN M/Vs that came out today. Curse JYP and WOOLIM for igniting too many feels in one day.. Well, I'm gonna go now... I still need to stop fangirling and catch my breath after watching both of these right after each other. ( ´ ▽ ` )
And the dance move to Got7 mv was amazing loved it, different then wat they did before love it matched song music beat and words perfectly. kay enough of Got7 let go to infinite. big OMG!!! first sec of it got my started last to 20 sec the base music amazing hot my heart beat fast. after that goes the raping good awesome can't describe it. made me want to replay the song over and over. not somthing u can explain in just simple words. Both groups did a fantastic job on their mv and music songs loved it terribly. infinite song awesome Got7 awesome not saying one is better then other they both had their songs on diff topics and both did amazing on their topics fabulously. loved it!! loved it!! no more to say
But then if u look at this song a diff way u would think they are making a Comercial for that cereal at some parts haha
omg this song ...... this song is just amazing it's just real touching it's like speaking out words that should reach a bunch of girls who are not confident in them self's
amazing. I love these songs
@StephanieDuong ya there's like no way I couldn't fall for those song idk bout everyone's and why they wouldn't. but I did
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