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A couple weeks ago, I shared about the different types of hair dryer attachments. One of the biggest perks about using a diffuser to blow dry your hair is to reduce frizz and give your hair more volume. I compiled a bunch of useful videos on how to use diffuser and styles you can achieve based on hair types.
Start with the video above!

Get beachy waves using a diffuser.

Hair type: straight - wavy

Get big curly hair with a diffuser.

Hair type: naturally curly

Get loose waves and volume with a diffuser.

Hair type: straight
Tip: Always leave your hair slightly damp and let it air dry. This allows your hair will retain some moisture and helps to keep curls intact and frizz free.
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@parksubinee Did you try it? =)
@HairConfetti yeahh! i tried it a long time ago before my hairdryer for the diffuser broke :-( but i loved it
@parksubinee That's a bummer! If only styling tools last forever, we wouldn't have to spend so much money on updating products. So, do you air dry your hair now?
@HairConfetti yeahh ikr & noo i always have to blowdry. i just got a new hairdryer but the diffuser doesnt fit so i cant use it anymoree
I didn't know such tool existed. I have blow dryer but the tip looks like a duck lip.