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he's making the same face I make when I walk around school (when I used to in HS) hahaha he has that perfect facial expression
@ErinGregory... Exactly! it's like people think if the song isn't in English then it's not worth listening to. English isn't the ONLY language in the world people ...-_- This type of close mindedness just gets under my skin.
I'm glad people agree with me... but you know, nowadays I'm rap songs, they make up words... how the fudge do you listen to it if you can't understand THAT... so, it kinda goes both ways but WE (kpop listeners) have an easy way to find translations.
@BluBear07, right!! I hate when people refuse to give diverting a try because it's in a different language or part of a different culture. I've always listened to music in different languages, when I was 11 my family moved to Germany for 3 years so I got into a LOT of European bands. I've always liked foreign music.
This argument always irritated me. 1: because music isn't just about the lyrics. And 2: there are English translations, they're super easy to find. So this argument is totally invalid. 💙
Lol @ErinGregory my little sister does it to me still but I think it's funny. atleast our music isn't violent
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