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he's making the same face I make when I walk around school (when I used to in HS) hahaha he has that perfect facial expression
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I'm glad people agree with me... but you know, nowadays I'm rap songs, they make up words... how the fudge do you listen to it if you can't understand THAT... so, it kinda goes both ways but WE (kpop listeners) have an easy way to find translations.
@MichiGo4L, ahahahaha I used to make soooo much fun of my sister for listening to certain rap artists (years ago when we were teens). I'd tell her exactly that, "You can't even understand what they're saying, jeez!" Ooohhh how the tables have turned... lmfaaoo
Lol @ErinGregory my little sister does it to me still but I think it's funny. atleast our music isn't violent
Omg all my relatives and friends say that and I have the exact same reaction lol
we must defend our pride