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Only a true anime fan will sit down, watch two shows simultainously, find similarities and differencea, then make memes about them. This proves that we as anime fans have too much time and no chill! Lol xD
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LOL! :3
3 years ago·Reply
but we need all that time to watch all the animes we crave!
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Honestly if I could get paid to watch anime and read manga all day I could seriously die happy!! #OTAKUPARADISE
3 years ago·Reply
i will start 2 or 3 series at a time, get more into one and watch it more, then realize i'm neglecting the other and go back....its a mess haah but my brain often endsup like these memes XD
3 years ago·Reply
zuko is more cuter, the scar and his anger makes the balance tip. just saying
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