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I first listened to Got7 after watching the web drama "Dream Knight", which they were in. After hearing JB's vocal, and after seeing Got7's members I decided to try them out. And oh boy I liked what I heard. What's your story? What turned you into an IGot7?
omg I found out about got7 through jackson when he was in roommate season 2. he was always representing himself as got7 frim jyp so I finally went and check them out and thats how I fell for them kuz I thought they look fresh and chic and they gave off a fun energetic vibe also they r pretty funny as a group
After watching their MV for Girls Girls Girls and plenty spams from my online friend, I gave in for their charms and voices lol. Not something special but I felt it
also it kept popping up on YouTube to watch girls, girls, girls so I finally did and the rest is history and I'm still in love
Jackson, Jr and J.B