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Can you recognize them just by their eyes? °^°
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Oh my gosh. I knew them all...well it's official, I'm a complete VIP. I've never been able to do that for anyone except like, Johnny Depp
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taeyang daesung g-dragon top seungri. 100% sure , I don't let look at them much but I can memorize eyes but one glance. 1st I always look at. couldn't remember how to spell name lol.
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Lol I agree I'm a total Johnny depp fan too @DianaBell
3 years ago·Reply
@KpopGaby @MyAlpha @stevieq and @TminusEleven WE 'RE ALL OFFICIAL VIPS LET'S PARTY
3 years ago·Reply
@Miaowmee yay BANG BANG BANG I LIKE 2 PARTY lol
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