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I've been waiting since BACK for this!!! Its finally here and its hella good....i mean BAD....which is good.... But seriously this is totally different from their usual concept and its blowing my mind. Did anyone see SungGyu! Oori leadernim totally rocked in this vid (not that he doesnt in every other mv)  i had to watch it a few more time to notice the other members cause the first 5 times my eyes were locked on SungGyu. He's like rich quality wine, only gets better with age .....which is the case with all idols i guess....
On with the mv, honestly i didnt get the mv.... i think maybe if i couldve taken my eyes off of SungGyu i wouldve understood the story Anyways the song is really good. Like i said, not the usual Infinite fluff, this is more like Bts-ish, or at least thats what it felt like to me... I have a lot more to say about this mv but right now my minds in a haze, theres a whole lot of fangirling going on!  Annyeong for now! its like 2 at night...I should really consider sleeping like normal people at normal times.
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