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It's true. I just realized so many things that make me seem crazy: 1. Realizing my first concert is/will be a kpop concert 2. Realizing I haven't done anything all summer, forgetting that I should be practicing for soccer tryouts 3. Realizing I have nobody to practice soccer with 4. Realizing I have no friends who like soccer or kpop *cries* 5. Lastly, realizing summer is almost over. At least for me
What should I do? I have a top (not bigbang TOP ) 5 most important thing in my life. #1, air. #2, kpop. #3 phone. #4 soccer. #5 food. Ok, that isn't in order of what's more important, but you get my point. By the way sorry for posting so much in one day! Lol I need this to "contain" my feels
I feel you I haven't practiced my clarinet Bradley and I have just been obsessing over GD and my friends are like you and Gdragon just give it a rest and I'm like no never so I have no one to talk to
@TamiaGarner See you understand! Lol I have one friend who I was SO CLOSE to dragging her to this wonderful world... I failed though 😕
@TamiaGarner I play the alto saxophone and I never practice except when I go to school... and then there's soccer and KPOP! Sorry didn't mean to yell 😊 lol
@fourstargeneral yelling is neccesairy