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"It is being reported that Tao (Huang Zitao) is officially making his withdrawal from EXO known with the confirmation of the upcoming release of his solo album in China. After previously dropping hints about his solo return, Tao’s representatives revealed through his official Weibo account on July 13, “7.23 Huang Z.Tao will officially be making a comeback as a solo artist with his first mini album. Please look forward to it.” Along with this announcement, a teaser poster of Tao was unveiled, in which he can be seen sporting bright purple hair. Meanwhile, in June of this year, it was reported that Tao had set up his own one-man agency in China, marking the start of his solo career." Can I just say how amazing he looks? I'm so proud of him for setting up his own agency and taking control of his career! Now that he's officially withdrawn from EXO, I feel like he has more freedom. I think he was happy with EXO, but he just didn't have enough freedom to do what he loves and to perfect his craft. Tao is a free spirit! ♡ Despite all of this, I will still miss him being in EXO, he was my first and ultimate EXO bias and I'll definitely continue to follow him on his own adventures. I think what we'll all miss from OT12 is the interactions between all of them together. They were like a family, each their own characters, and it was like a harmony. Now it just feels like something's missing, you know? Like family members moved away, or went to college, and the household will just feel a bit off. But I guess that's life, right? People don't stay forever and we'll keep the memories and cherish the times when they were there, and we'll move on, reminiscing on them once in a while.. okay I'll shut up now, I think I might cry. Article source:
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I love love the purple hair on him♥♥♥
@sherrysahar and I don't dc en understand why they got hate?! they left because of unfair treatment it's their right to leave and it isn't as if after they left exo fell apart the exo members all had a hard time with it emotionally and physically having t learn new parts and dance formations
as an EXO-L this is sad...😢right? But I hope we can all support his future journey as a solo artist. besides Z.Tao sounds like a sick stage name👍
@Princess2328 I couldn't agree with you more. SM could possibly care less about what happens to their artists. All they seem to care about is money. I hope Tao would be able to do much more on his own
Good for him. He is a very talented young man. It took a lot of strength and heartache for them all to have him move on. But in the end he had to do what he felt he needed to do. You can't blame him for that.