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Thou I wish I could go to a pool and meet them there! :3 But don't we all??
Oh so sexy oppas!
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we got to in his movie for that little bit thou(: but yeah I think he probably took the picture, @najalong1998
@MissCandyFreak you are right there, I almost forgot :-). I wonder what they did to get him to take his shirt off, he is very adamant about keeping clothes on xD
@najalong1998 lol probably paid him tons :P He has been a little more comfortable with his body cause he said he does plan on showing it more in his movies (: So be prepared for some TOP abs!!<3
@MissCandyFreak yassssssss~ I shall be waiting......I shall be waiting ♡♡♡
@najalong1998 Let's cheer on our Oppa!!(: so he can be shirtless more for us :3