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For their comeback in March after their looooong hiatus, 24K added 2 new members but did not reveal their identies until recently. The new members participated in the comeback and promotions but wore masks and sunglasses to conceal their identities. And Omgosh children.....I did say they didn't need new members to replace Bungho and Seokjune.....but..... I may regret saying that a tiny bit.....
Meet Jinhong....this cutie is a former member of AA and a '98 liner (born January 2, 1998). He's absolutely adorable. I think this boy is napalm. He's the new maknae. Handle with care Lol. Twitter: @24k_jinhong
Meet Hui....born July 18, 1995. He seems more reserved compared to Jinhong but still quite sweet. Instagram: @24k_lianghui Twitter: @24k_lianghui
I watched this interview and I can tell Jinhong is going to be a problem for me......(❁´‿`❁) hahaha he's too adorable but Hui's shy boy nature is adorable too.
Lol they make Cory look like a daddy!
Had to add a performance with the new members without their masks aaaand an interview they did for Polish Kpop View!
OH. MY. LORDY. I can FINALLY see their faces. I don't know what I was expecting...but omg. 24K!!! (*´▽`*)
@PassTheSuga ya I heard bout that online sad so hopefully they get back up where they were aiming at before
@PassTheSuga yes yes yes I will also be creating new cards about 24K every day to show how awesome they are and how awesome their music is!!!
@AnnaNaumova uuuggghh if they ever come to LA or anywhere in the US.....I'm there. I will be there. No question. lol I'm sounding creepy. But first things first, we definitely need more international 24U for sure. I think I'm gonna make more 24K cards and raise awareness.
@AnnaNaumova this group is trouble for bias lists everywhere Lol. But is that really a bad thing?? 。^‿^。I think not.
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