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BTS are coming to L.A. but i won't be able to see them cuz tickets are SOLD OUT I joined A.R.M.Y in the middle of June and since that time BTS have been my life for me, I love their music, I love their style, I love them as idols and as people....... I have seen all of their videos and almost all of the shows they have ever been on.They pretty much became my favorite musician group ever...... And they coming to Los Angeles where Iive on July 27th but I won't be able to see them cuz when I found out about their concert ,the tickets were sold out ....
So please HELP if you know someone who is selling their ticket because they can't go or they just want to resell it for a higher price please contact me ASAP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
That sorta happened to me a bit ago. I was looking at tickets, could afford them, there were very few left, and I was about to pick one and bam. Sold out.
that's such 😯
sorry! that so sad
yea I looked them up I already found them lol but thanks
@amandamuska in English version it's bulletproof boy scouts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it sounds weird but that is how they go by
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