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Recently, the so-called "Bernie-mentum" of Sanders is a very big issue, and with him pulling ahead in a few states people are beginning to really wonder if he has a chance to win the Democratic nomination against Hillary Clinton.

Jimmy Carter believes that Hillary will still win the bid.

This man (who doesn't want Sanders either, really) believes that Bernie Sanders is not a socialist (as some are claiming) which means he does have a chance against Clinton, because otherwise he wouldn't even be allowed to run. He is progressive in nature when he needs to be, but really is just trying to win over Americans. Still, he does not support him.
And The Young Turks believe that Hillary should Feel the Bern-- because the crowd is huge. It seems that many Americans want a social democratic society. And Bernie would deliver that.

Does Bernie have a chance?

@nicolejb Yeah I think the party's biggest worry with Hilalry is that people can't get excited about her since she's just been around for so long
I’ve been seeing him more and more in the news! There also seems to be a younger generation following (millennials, hollar!). I honestly think he does have a chance actually, he’s new and fresh and we are pretty comfortable with Hillary. She’s old news, you know?
@nicolejb Definitely. We'll have to wait and see. @shannonl5 Yeah, I think he's wise for going that way to supplement his image (people see him as someone who wouldn't do huge donations like that) but I'm not sure what will happen....we'll see
Yeah same, they keep trying to revamp her image, but I’m not sure it’s working @drwhat. Though there are definitely advantages so already being known!
@drwhat it seems like it's going to be a tough primary for sure. I've already seen him campaigning on Twitter and it doesn't seem like he's holding back at all, which is pretty encouraging.
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