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To my short hair friends!
@KristineLindsey @alise @bribri12 @JheEun06 @DeniseCharles @KatieChick @maymay75 @VickiBae @AudreRhoades @lilelmo112 @Sophiaferra @Mendoza0896 (I know you have a pixie cut right now but maybe you can use it in the future.)
Please forgive me if I missed anyone! Let me know in the comment if you want me to tag you next time! :)

French Braid Updo

Part hair into three section, horizontally. Gather the top section, tie it into a knot and twist it in a bun. For the last two section French braid the side and twist it into a bun.

Twisted Textured Wavy Updo

Tease the hair at crown for volume. Then twist small sections of wavy hair and pin them up bobby pins (near the crown). Throw on a metal or crystal headband to give updo definition.

Rolled Updo with Puffy Crown

Teased the crown for added volume and roll hair using a pin up technique. The fluffier you make the bun the more sophisticated it'll look. Use a bobby pin close to your hair color for a better result.

Rolled Chignon Hairstyle

Throw on a hairband. Roll hair through hairband from the back. Do this little by little until all your hair is up.

Easy Twisted Updo

Section hair into three ponytails. Then twist and pin it to place. It doesn't have to be perfect!

Retro Waves with Twisted Updo

Give your hair some texture by slightly using crimping technique with flat iron. Then twist hair up into a bun and pin it in place.

Fringe Braid with Low Bun

Curl hair for more texture and part the front into two section. Tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail and twist it into a bun. Braid the front sides, bring them to the back and pin it in place.
Super cute hairstyles I like them thank you for sharing
It looks hard but I'll try it 馃槍
@Gavriella OMG I love these hair updo!! they even worked on my medium hair
I love them!! Totally worked amazingly!! Tag me next time please!!
these are great! I'll have to try them, see if it works for my almost shoulder-length hair!
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