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This picture is of a website that I'm learning Korean from. I'm learning because I plan on going to Korea in two years with a bunch of friends, and I thought it'd be nice to know SOME of the language before going. Anyway. I feel like Vingle is a good way to fan girl over groups and stuff, but also a place to help others (I know that sounds sooooo corny haha) but If there's anyone out there who wants to learn Korean (idk why, maybe to understand all those K-Dramas and stuff!!), then give this site a try. It's really easy to follow, and gives fun games (like this word search) to help you master the content. 😁😁 (It's literally called "Howtostudykorean")
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omg I use this website too
If you have any question, let me know! I can help you guys.