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Hey Starbucks Fanatics !!!!! Used to work at Starbucks & honestly still am addicted. Anyhow I reccomend for you all to try these drinks: "upside caramel macchiato " with some pumps or rasberry"- looks so cool and has the perf balance of berries & coffee. "Vanilla Bean Frap with a Blended bannana inside"-what better combination then bannanas & vanilla right? "Green tea latte iced but subsitute the classic sweetner for vanilla & use soy milk!"-perfect blend of vanilla & green tea!!!!! & lastly my personal fave: "GREEN TEA FRAP WITH A FEW PUMPS OF WHITE CHOCLATE SYRUP & BLENDED CHOCLATE CHIPS" -taste like choclate mint ice cream ! Hope you all enjoy ! comment & try ☺
Personally, I like the GTF with 2 pump peppermint, 1 pump classic and Mocha drzzle. a friend of mine gets a lot more peppermint, but I like my ratio. :P
or Vanilla Bean with a pack of Blueberries blended in with a pump of peppermint or raspberry