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Well I have two different eyes so I have tried two of these categories! Made my eyes pop so much people right off the bat noticed my different eyes! Highly reccomend !!! It makes a huge impact on your eye color!
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@stephosorio Do I wear it as a shadow base? My eyes are hazel.
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@Susurrus yes even the colored eyeliner makes your eyes stand out tho
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do you have any suggestions for gray eyes?
2 years ago·Reply
I don't really agree with some of what you have here. the "green" eyes one really kind of only works for someone with REALLY bright green eyes which is so rare. the "hazel" colors actually look better with the green eyes, considering the colors under green are so bright and almost child like. you're pairing the actual eye color with shadows that match the eye color which isn't the point. blue eyes and blue shadow doesn't really work
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Im not quite sure which one I would use. My eyes are always changing between green and blue. Ive always used more natural colors for eye-shadow, never have been bold enough for anything else. lol. Still trying to figure out the whole makeup thing. I am horrible with it.
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