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Kpop is filled with beautiful souls, but sometimes bad hair happens to good people.

Triangle Era - TVXQ

Monster Era - Taeyang

Hurricane Era - Zelo

Sherlock Era - Taemin

Most Eras....Dara

Who Did I Miss?

@AmbieB idk, I'm still torn about it.
I feel weird because I actually like some of these hairstyles. Taemin's hair for Sherlock always makes me upset because you can clearly see in the video where his hair ends and the extensions begin, unlike Lucifer where it looks cleaner and more like his actual hair. Not to mention the extensions for Sherlock were a bit ratty and not the right color. >< I don't usually have an issue with hair but that bugs me and Minho's cut for Lucifer. It looked cute as it started growing back but that particular cut wasn't all that flattering.
@ChelseaJay But Jjong looked adorable in his RDD tiger hair. xD
Taemin's sherlock era was cute though. but Jonghyun's ringdingdong era hair x_x
@kpopandkimchi Key became my Shinee bias b/c of that hair
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