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YOOOOOO! IS ANYONE GOING TO KCON NYYY??? Super curious so I thought I'd make a post and find some new friends :333 Any artists you're super excited for? :D P.S. If you aren't going, it's okay, I still need more friends LOL ♡ Tell me who your fave artists and biases are! PPS. The gif is leader Kyungil and maknae Yijeong from the group History ^_^


SNSD is cute and hyper as almost-kpop legends, I cannot wait to see them (trying not to mention Jessica) XD.


IDK but this gif looks pretty lovable to me LOL.


Because VIXX is always awesome and I cannot believe they're bound ffor New York HAHAHAHAHA *cue majestic laughter*


Sadly, although I watched Unpretty Rapstar and Orange Marmalade, I don't follow AOA too much. They're pretty though!!
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I really wanted to see Vixx but I won't be able to make it :'( I think they are performing again in FL this year but I can't make that either :(( Perks of being a broke student lol :)
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@Iamrotamrot xD yeah being a student presents so many limitations ;_; it's okay, I'll pray that you have another chance soon!! ^_^
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@lamrotamrot ssaaaammee ^^^
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@kpopchicken Thanks :)) @maddiemoozer Well hopefully we will both get a chance to attend one day :)
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@lamrotamrot I will pray for the both of us lol
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