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The best and most fashionable way to combat the glaring rays and heat of the sun? Hats! Another plus to wearing hats is that you can hide the fact that you didn't have time to wash your hair. Here are the popular summer hat trends that will let you keep cool and look incredibly chic!

Wide-brimmed fedora hats

Rock the classic men's hat trend with a modern twist. Look for wide-brimmed fedoras with modern embellishments, like studs, patterns or bows. The wide brim of the hat gives you ample sun protection.

Floppy straw hats

Floppy straw hats are one of the best summer hat trends! They are breathable, which means they will keep you cooler than other hats. The wide brim offers lots of sun protection and the flexible straw material means that you can easily throw them in your bag and not worry about them losing their shape. The straw material also gives off a beachy feel.

Pork pie hats

Need a hat with a sophisticated vibe? Pork pie hats do just that! The structured material gives off a sophisticated feel with unmatchable chicness. The narrow brim won't give you as much sun protection, but these hats are great for a more professional or business vibe.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats are perfect for casual summer days at the beach or on the lake. You can rock bucket hats in fun prints or go for a more neutral color, like black or tan.

Whatever hat you choose to rock, make sure it complements your day of fun in the sun!

k im buying a hat after work
it will literally be the best decision you'll ever make @alywoah
@jordanhamilton totally agree!
my favorite accessory to any look! so perfect.