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Rumors have been circulating about Jon Snow's death since it happened at the end of season five, but over the weekend, fans got the ultimate confirmation that the fan favorite will not return. I call this the ultimate confirmation because it came from a pretty powerful person....President Obama.
Recently the Game of Thrones director met President Obama and the leader of the free world only had one question for him: "is Jon Snow really dead?"
Since you can't lie to the president, the director gave Obama a true and heartbreaking response: "Jon Snow is deader than dead."
Like any true fan, Obama was disappointed with the answer. But, as the most powerful Game of Thrones fan in the world, I wonder if he can do something about it? I don't know much about politics, but isn't convincing TV shows to bring our favorite characters back to life exactly what executive orders are for? I think so...
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@k8wnba20 looks like this is the confirmation we needed about Jon Snow's death :(