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We all (at least the sane ones) love the beach! Waking up at 8am to throw on a bathing suit and head out is never a problem when the perfect beach day is laying ahead of you.
But did you know that the beach can actually improve your health! Bring these points up with your doctor and maybe they'll give you a nice note to play hooky....for the betterment of your heath of course.

Free Exfoliating !

All that sand that gets pretty much EVERYWHERE is actually doing your skin a whole lot of good. The wet sand exfoliates the dead skin all over your body. This means that while you're playing in the sand you are making your skin healthier and smoother without paying the hundreds of dollars spas demand.
And lets not forget, the skin is the biggest organ on the human body. That means it needs some special (natural) attention every now and then.

Ocean Water improves just about everything

The Ocean is practically a medicine in it of itself. The minerals that the salt water is jam packed with helps the body heal and detoxify. One of those minerals, Iodine, helps the body fight of infections. Thats why if you have a cut, the salty water will help it heal so much quicker!
The sea also contains magnesium, a mineral that helps settle nerves. This means that swimming helps decrease stress and anxiety while boosting peoples "at peace with the world" attitudes.
So when work and school just become a bit to much, it is scientifically proven that floating around in the water is the exact medicine you need.

The Sun is a lot more then just sunburn!

While the sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin, it has gotten such a bad rep. As long as you keep up with your sun block the sun can totally improve your health and your mood! The suns nice warm rays give you all the Vitamin D you could ever need. This helps decrease depression by increasing your bodies serotonin. Sunlight will also boost your bodies immunity and helps with healthy bones and skin.
So go to the beach as much as you can! Bring friends, lots of water, sunblock and the most perfect book and let the beach get to work on your body. I promise you will leave feeling more relaxed, sun kissed and healthy.
Honestly, I can't imagine a better sick day.
Ok you twisted my arm.
Love the beach