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If you haven’t been up to speed on the Greek situation. They are in big, fat, financial trouble. But European Council members met and discussed the how Greece is going to get back on track.
You heard it from the head of the European Council, Donald Tusk first: The leaders of the EU have reached, “an a-Greek-ment.” The pun lover in me giggled with excitement at this announcement.
He said that they are “all ready to go” on a new program for Greece under the eurozone bailout fund. The European Stability Mechanism (ESM), has serious strict reforms that will work to improve the Greek economy and put it back on track.
Some of these reforms include: passing laws introducing controversial economic reforms by Wednesday, reforming the VAT system, overhauling pensions and signing up to plans that ensure immediate spending cuts.
But Greece still has a long way to go...To impress Germany and to impress the European market. Looks like this is just the Sparta some change in Greece’s economy...