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Sometimes we get stuck in a rut where we believe we know exactly what we like and dislike. Each weekend becomes a smilier routine, and each conversation a repetition of thoughts we have already had to many times to count. Or, maybe your husband just left you for another man and now you are trying to get though it with your ex-husbands lovers wife who you use to hate but now live with.
If you just read that and are thinking, "holy shit thats me", then I have a challenge for you! And trust me, hilarity will ensue.
In the new Netflix Original series "Grace and Frankie", Grace and Frankie agree to do the Say yes Challenge, because of course, this could lead to anything. If you didn't catch on, they are the ones who husbands left them for each other. They both needed a wild night to get them out of the divorced slump that they fell into. And this challenge was perfect. I mean it is an adventure and for Frankie, a pervious say yes challenge led to a sex tape with her husband!
But you don't have to go that crazy for the Say YES Challenge to totally revamp your life.
Take one day, any normal day, grab a friend you TRUST (very important) and agree that you will say yes to everything. It sounds easy but knowing your chosen friend, they will be throwing you out of your comfort zone.
And thats exactly what make it so much fun!
Maybe they will dress you in clothing you would never wear, or have you try new drinks or get you up on the bar to dance!
Or maybe your Say Yes challenge will take you to a more charitable route, giving money, food, and kindness to anyone who asks!
Either way, this challenge will "force" you to do things you aren't use too! You aren't going to enjoy everything you do during this day, but you will discover some very interesting things about yourself. Whatever happens it's going to be a blast!
So Say Yes to Grace and Frankie's Say Yes challenge and get ready to change your normal day into an adventure!
Good friend is key to keeping it safe and smart
I'm saying yes to this challenge! Totally going to do this soon! Thanks for the inspiration! :)
@VinMcCarthy thanks why you do it with people you trust! your friends are all about wanting to push you to your limits, but they would never be disrespectful enough to push you to a place where you would get hurt, panic or feel completely and totally uncomfortable! with this challenge its all about who you do it with!
seems like a quick way to wind up in potentially dangerous situations
I def need to get out of my comfort zone a bit, so this is beyond perfect! I'm going to strive to do one day myself :)
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