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I'm the Maid of Honor, and I'm going to admit something. I haven't known Jen or Rob for very long. Actually Jen and I have been friends for only about 3 years now, and only really got close in the past two years.
But I discovered something when we were getting close. Jen and I would be chatting about life, as girls do. I'd mention an artist I was listening for a bit when I was on a Sam Smith kick. And she'd say, "Oohhhmygosh Rob LOVES Sam Smith.”
And then we'd chat about something I tried this new recipe or read this new thing on the Internet. And she's give her opinion on it, come back the next day and say, "so Rob and I tried making that salmon!" Or "I talked to Rob about that thing you read on the Internet, and here's something he thought." And we'd sit and talk some more about it.
She would come to me on random days and say, “Rob did the cutest thing today." And then share with me a really embarrassing story about something that Rob did (sorry Rob). Or “Rob and I watched this movie and I think you'd really like it." Then I'd watch it and talk to her about it.
Now I don't want to make it seem like it's annoying how much Jen talks about Rob, because it never was. It was always in a way that added to our conversation, and it made me understand someone who is so completely close to my best friend. So by the time I met Rob, I felt like I knew so much about him already.
I'm going to bring about one conversation in particular that Jen and I had. This was before Rob and Jen were engaged. We tend to talk about our dreams and goals and desires and such, so this one particular instance we were discussing what we wanted for our futures. As two very adventurous girls (I still like to call Jen my favorite adventure buddy), naturally we talked about wanting to travel and see the world. To live somewhere else for a while, or see what bouncing around felt like. And everywhere we talked about, I talked about being by myself in a new city and meeting a bunch of new people. And experiencing a new culture. And Jen did the same, but there was always something that was included in her imaginative world.
She would mention how she wanted to go to this country because Rob has never been. Or it would be cool to move to this state because “Rob and I could build a Tiny House together." So there was a difference in our desires. And that one thing was Rob. When I thought about my future I saw just me, whereas her dreams and fantasizes always included him somewhere in the story...she couldn't see her life without him.
Because Rob is her best friend, someone she was so close with she wanted to share those moments with. Because who wouldn't want to travel the world and witness life with your best friend?
And that's what I love about Rob and Jen and this beautiful wedding. It’s a celebration of marriage and life and love. But mostly it's just a celebration of two of the most wonderful best friends that I've ever met. Two people that want to know and discover new things about each other every day that they are going to spend the rest of their lives doing just that.
They're going to make salmon, read new things on the Internet together, travel to new places, and build tiny homes. They're doing the thing that everyone wants. They are experiencing the rest of their lives with their best friend.
So let's all cheers to that: Cheers to Rob and Jen and lifelong best friends!
It's so true @caricakes! She got lucky that I approved ;)
You are blessed to have such a great friend in Jen and now, Rob.
Congrats to Rob and Jen! I'm pretty sure the first rule of marriage is that the maid of honor MUST approve of the groom :) glad you did!
This is so beautiful. I'm sure the happy couple was glad you were there to toast them!
So, when is the wedding? Take lots of pictures and share any cool wedding ideas here.
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