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Growing up in a Latino home can be pretty sweet, but there are some things that Latino parents can do, which can be super annoying.

1) You're Sleeping? Ain't No Time For That

For as long as you live under your parents roof, you are expected to rise before the sun cranks up an eye. You don't even need an alarm clock -- mami and papi do a great job at screaming on top of their lungs to get you to wake up.

2) Dating? Good. We'll Scare Them Away

This is especially true for their little girls. And if you're papi's little girl, he'll forever keep you under a careful watch. Nobody is really good for you, and their standards are incredibly hard to meet. They'll also tell you when your partner is not good for you -- in front of your partner.

3) You're Driving? No You're Not.

Whether you're a first-time driver, or a driving expert, they'll nit-pick everything you do behind the wheel. And they'll hold on for dear life, making you feel super WTF.
Things You Should Expect to Hear:
"Why are you driving so fast?"
"Aye that turn!"
"Stop, stop, STOP -- you're swerving."
"No, no move the left. Nooo you're too far right. Ok, ok --- no go back to the left"

For all of the annoying things that they do, they're still pretty awesome. ^_^

here's mom used to grab the steering wheel lol
#2 & #3 I def think go for all Caribbean parents lol especially scaring off your date, smh. Gotta love them though!
So true!
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